Every business needs legal support, small, medium or large.

  • Shocked by how much legal fees are to run your business?
  • Sleepless nights because you just signed a contract you don’t understand?
  • Struggling to keep your doors open because your clients aren’t paying up?
  • No idea when your next corporate filings are due?
  • About to sign a lease that could end your business?

If yes, EQUAL LEGAL is for you!

Stressed woman with legal documents

We give you peace of mind with our legal services tailored for women business owners.

We know you need legal support if you’re running a business, but that most lawyers’ fees make this out of reach. We offer a solution that gives you access to affordable and personal legal support so your business can thrive, not dive!

Year round access to a California licensed attorney

Unlimited Phone Consultations on New Matters

Business Formation Packages

Contract Review

Debt Recovery Assistance

Set Number of Phone Calls and Letters by Attorney

Fixed Fee Legal Services

25% Discount on All Other Legal Services

accomplished women

Did you Know Women are Leading the Way?

If you think lawyers are just for big business, think again!

Equal Legal makes legal support for your small to medium sized business affordable through our subscription plans. With unlimited consultations, contract review, debt recovery assistance and competitive fixed fees, can you really afford to be without us?

So stop worrying by letting us handle the legal part!

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Legal support for women business owners

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