What you get and how it works

Equal Legal membership gives you great benefits and features for a low subscription as well as unlocking some great discounts on other legal costs. For instance, have you ever needed legal advice, yet been overwhelmed with information online? Just can’t find a lawyer willing to talk?

Affordable Legal Support Starts Here

Sign up for our low cost monthly, 6 month or yearly plan. This activates your membership and gives you instant access to free attorney consultations and all the benefits outlined here.

Lawyers on Call

Are you overwhelmed with legal information online? Or just can’t find a lawyer willing to talk?

Your membership gives you unlimited phone consultations with business attorneys to discuss any new legal issue. All you need to do is login and schedule a call with the click of a button. Any time!

Don’t speak legalese?

Fortunately, our lawyers spent years at law school and have tons of experience going native with contracts, leases and confusing texts!

They will review and analyze up to 10 pages of any new contract and explain it all to you as part of your membership. For longer contracts, they charge an incredible low fee per page. If contract clauses have ever come back to bite you, you know what a valuable service this is. And if they haven’t yet, don’t wait to find out!

Free Forms

One thing you’ve probably figured out by now is the volume of paper work that goes with business ownership! As part of your membership you get access to up to date legal forms to help you with your business.

Get that Cash

One of the biggest issues for business owners is getting paid and paid on time. Have your follow-ups been ghosted for too long now? Then it’s time for legal action.

Your membership includes up to 6 phone calls or letters per year by an attorney on your behalf to show them you’re serious about getting paid. If more action is required, your membership gives you great discounts on any additional legal services to get that money.

You also get a crash course with an attorney on how to prevent delinquent payments in the first place! Prevention is always better than cure.

No Surprises

When you go shopping you like to know the price of shoes before you purchase right?

That’s why we offer a selection of key services at fixed prices, so you know upfront how much it costs, instead of a bill at the end of the month that makes you splutter coffee!

Our lawyers offer competitive fixed fees for those critical business services such as formation, contract drafting, estate planning, employment law services and more.

Of course you get to consult with an attorney first, so you make informed decisions about the best legal services for you, saving you money later on.

You Need More?

If you need additional support you automatically receive 25% off the hourly attorney rate on all other services!

Say that again?

Your subscription gets you an attorney on call, a contract translator, legal forms, fixed fees and debt recovery assistance and big savings on all other costs, making legal support for your business a reality.

And if you’re serious about your business, you’ll understand why you need to get serious about legal.
Just like we’re serious about making it affordable for you.

So if you’re ready to level up, so are we!

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